Corporate & Social Events

Supper Club

Books & Brunch


Books & Brunch is a monthly 'Supper club' where we explore the Cities finest, from Fine Dining to Rustic Deli's, experiences in the most historical and thoughtful Spaces. With an Ambiance to fulfill a much needed break. Indulging all Senses beyond the Palette, In Conversations with beautiful great minds that will Inform & Inspire.

Faith Fitness & Fine Dining


 Private event with a special menu to get your week set on balance. From our carefully Curated Iftar, and conversations on Faith & Fitness to improve Wellbeing. To exploring restaurants, cafe's and dining rooms with the most thought of menu options.

Private Events


A Consultation service 'Curate Concepts Creating Recipes'. Infusing Events with your Business is a Sustainable way to  knowing more about your customers, direct feedback and a general overview on how to Improve.